March 24, 2024

How To Download A Pinterest Video On Android? 4 Ways

How To Download A Pinterest Video On Android? 4 Ways

Are you tired of saving Pinterest videos into your account and finding it tough to access them anytime on your device? Here is the most efficient answer to how to download a Pinterest video. There are multiple video downloader for Pinterest available on the internet that make the process easy and fast. If you want to learn something worthy, keep reading this article. 

How To Download A Pinterest Video and Image On Android? 

Although Pinterest doesn’t offer any built-in feature to let you download videos to your device, you can use Pinterest Video and Image Downloader to download your favorite videos and images. How to download a Pinterest video on Android without watermark? Here are some of the most effective ways that you can use to download videos from Pinterest for later use.

1. Pinterest Downloader APK

As an Android user, having a Pinterest video downloader Mod APK is a suitable option. You can get access to any available video by using the Pinterest video link. For use, you have to download the application onto your device and allow its installation. After this short process, you are free to enjoy any Pinterest video on your device without worrying about internet availability. 

2. Record the Screen

If your device has a built-in screen recording feature, you can conveniently download any video. However, in case of no such feature, you can download applications from the internet. For later watch, it is completely fine to save the screen unbothered. In contrast, if you want to share videos on other social media platforms, try to install the application with a screen crop option. 

3. Browser Extension

For Windows users, a browser extension is a good source to fulfill the purpose. However, you can use it on into Android device. For this, you have to choose any browser extension from Google Chrome and install it on Windows. Once you get installed, pin it by clicking on the hammer icon at the top right corner. To utilize such extensions, click on the video to find the download option. Later you can look for downloaded videos in the download folder anytime. 

4. Online Pinterest Video Downloader

Are you looking for the safest answer to how to download a Pinterest video? Using a Pinterest video downloader is the best solution. Also, you can use it for all devices including, iOs, Android, Windows, and iPhone. Moreover, to utilize all its features, you don’t have to install it on the device to avoid any privacy risk. There are hundreds of such options that can make the picking process tough. However, if you want the best Pinterest Video Downloader, click here

Where Is The Video Saved After Download?

When you download videos, they are usually saved in a folder selected by your browser by default. If you cannot find the downloaded videos then follow the instructions given below.

  • If you’re using a smartphone, check your browser’s default download pat. 
  • As a Mac user, try to press Cmd + Shift + J altogether to open download pat. 
  • In Windows, simultaneously press Ctrl + J and it will instantly open the download folder. 

Final Verdict 

Now you know all the working ways how to download a Pinterest video on Android. You can record the screen, go for an application, or try a third-party website for an online downloading process. It is on you to choose the most suitable option that works ideally for you. Look for the one and enjoy saying entertaining video pins later. 

Which is the best Pinterest video downloader?

There are unlimited Pinterest video downloaders available on the internet; however, the one I shared possesses all the required features without any charges. 

How to download Pinterest video to my gallery?

To get any video pin of your choice to your gallery, you can go for APK files, a record screen, or go for a third-party website. 

Is downloading Pinterest videos legal?

Yes, you can keep any Pinterest video on your device without being worried about copyrights and it is completely legal. However, if you want to share them on other social platforms, you need to look for whether the creator has a copyright claim or not.

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