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Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest downloader is a great tool that provides best opportunity for downloading all types of videos, images and gifs. Pinterest is one of the most widely used social media platforms because of its amazing content. On this application, you can find anything from fashion to entertainment videos. Sometimes, you find an extraordinary video that you eagerly want to share in your friends’ community. However, on Pinterest, you cannot download any data. Although you can take a screenshot of an image, it still has limitations when it comes to a video. 

Are you facing similar restrictions? No worries, as we have a Pinterest video downloader to cover your needs. It is a free-to-use online tool with multiple exciting features to keep you at ease. Also, you can use it on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Get the answer to all Pinterest video downloader FAQs, keep reading.

Features: Why Choose Pinterest Video Downloader?

Easy To Use

If you never use any online tool, you can still benefit from our tool. Its user-friendly interface lets you download the required video without any hassle. You only have to put the link in the given block, and you will get it into your device in a single click.

Free Tool with Unlimited Downloads

This is a completely free-to-use tool with an unlimited number of downloads. To get any video of any length, you don’t have to pay a single penny. In addition to this, Pinterest Video Downloader lets you enjoy this service without any limit. Start downloading your favorite Pinterest videos without a count.

No Installation

To use this tool, you don’t have to pass through any downloading or installation process. For a flawless video downloading process, open this tool in any available browser, and you are good to go.

Work For All Devices

No matter whether you are an iOS, Android, MAC, or Windows device user, till you have a browser, you can use Pinterest Downloader. Just open our tool and paste the related link of a video. Lastly, click on the download button to complete the process. 

Safe To Use

We ensure 100% safety to our users; therefore, while providing this free service, we never ask for any personal information. You can start downloading videos without creating an account. Also, we keep the privacy of our users by removing the history feature. Other sites use history to show interest-based ads or sell to third parties, but while dealing with our tool, you never have to worry about it.

Pinterest Video Downloader High-Quality

Our tool maintains the format of the original video to ensure a high-quality downloading process. With Pinterest Video Downloader, you can get High-definition 4K quality without paying any charges.

How To Use Pinterest Video Downloader?

For a smooth Pinterest video downloading process, make sure to follow these steps:

Step 1: Copy Link – Choose the video that you want to save to your device and copy its link.

Step 2: Open Our Tool – Next, scroll to the top of this page to get access to our tool.

Step 3: Paste Link – Paste the copied link into the given URL block.

Step 4: Download Video – Click on the download button and wait for a few seconds till you get the video into your device.

Step 5: Share Your Favorite Video – Once you get the video, it’s time to share it with your friends and family. Also, it is a Pinterest Video Downloader without a watermark, and you can share it on other social media platforms.

The Bottom Line

Pinterest Video Downloader is a one-stop solution for all your downloading needs. Its outstanding features, i.e., free-to-use, user-friendly interface, quick download, and HD format, make it an ideal choice for all. If you want to get the best experience, try our Pinterest Video Downloader now.


Copy shareable video URL


Paste it into the field above


Click to download button

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Yes, you can download it in any browser. As it is an online tool with an active internet, you can use it anytime on any device. Pinterest Video Downloader with 4K quality is the best option for you.

Yes, we keep your safety on top. Therefore, we never save any information and provide 100% privacy. Also, its no installation feature makes it 100% safe for your devices.

No, you can download as many videos as you want. We never keep a history of your search; therefore, there is no count of your downloaded videos. So, enjoy an unlimited downloading service with Pinterest Video Downloader.

No, we don’t save your downloaded video in this tool. Also, no history feature keeps your downloading history secure, and only you can access the downloaded video on your device.

No, to use this tool, you only have to paste the link of your chosen video. After that, you can download it by clicking on the given button. This feature allows you to enjoy all benefits without sharing any personal information.

Yes, it is completely free to download Pinterest videos. All premium features, from unlimited downloads to the availability high quality videos, cost you nothing.

To download video pins on Android, follow these guidelines: 

  • Firstly, open the required video through the application or browser. In Chrome, click on three dots, present on the top right corner, and copy the link. In the application, click on the share option and copy the link. 
  • Next, paste it into the given box for the link. 
  • Lastly, click on the download button to end the procedure.

You can find all downloaded videos in the download history. 

  • For Android, search the download folder in the file manager. 
  • For Mac, press Cmd + Shift + J. 
  • For Windows, press Ctrl + J.