March 30, 2024

Try A Pinterest Video Downloader | Can I Download Pinterest Video Pins?

download pinterest video pins Try A Pinterest Video Downloader | Can I Download Videos From Pinterest? - Image with Laptop and Cell Phone

Pinterest is a heaven of fantastic pictures, GIFs, and videos. You can watch all available content without any restrictions and charges, but you can only save photos for later use. When it comes to videos, you cannot download Pinterest video pins without a Pinterest Video Downloader because of the built-in security feature on Pinterest. 

The answer to why I can’t download videos from Pinterest is protection. Pinterest tries to restrict content availability for downloading to keep it away from stealing. However, many users need this feature to save exciting ideas or to share with family. Also, keeping online content saved and sorted for future use requires time and effort. If you are the one who wants to download some unique video pins, we have solutions for you, i.e., a Pinterest video downloader.

Why You Need To Download Pinterest Video Pins?

There are many positive uses of downloaded Pinterest videos. Here are some prominent ones. 

  • When you download multiple videos for a specific event, like ideas for birthdays, an outfit, or a friend’s day out, it is easy to manage them in your gallery. In contrast, if you save them in your account, you have to keep all saved videos in a single available space, which results in a mess.
  • If you download videos on your device, you can access them anytime, even without the internet. Also, you can have them in the long run for convenient access. 
  • You are free to share downloaded pins in your friends’ circles or on other social media accounts. Although you can share links to a pin, people still like to watch published videos and ignore links.

How To Download Free Pinterest Video With Pinterest Video Downloader?

Pinterest video downloader is a user-friendly, accessible, and practical option for the quick downloading process. To download Pinterest video pins and understand how does a Pinterest video downloader work, follow these steps:

  • Open the Pinterest pin into the browser or application to copy its link. You can copy the link from the top right bar in the browser. In the application, click on the arrow icon for the sharing option; you can copy the video link from there.
  • Now click on this link to get access to Pinterest Downloader
  • Once you open the tool, paste the copied link into the available space. 
  • Lastly, tap the download button to initiate the process and wait a few seconds for the file.

Where To Find Downloaded Pins?

After downloading a Pinterest video from Pinterest Video Saver, you can find it in device storage. However, if you use it on a different device, here is a detailed guide. 

  • As a Windows user, press Ctrl + J simultaneously, and it will open the download folder. From there, you can move files. 
  • Press Cmd + Shift + J for Mac to access the download history. 
  • In Android, search for the Download folder in the file manager.

The Bottom Line

Pinterest does not support video downloading; therefore, you cannot see a download option when you right-click on any favorite video. However, you can save them into your account, but you can access them with the internet. If you want to download Pinterest video pins without limits, try Pinterest Video Downloader. Follow the above-shared process for all devices, i.e., Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. Now you know the magic, it is time to enjoy this feature for some extra fun, so what are you waiting for?

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